Hour of Code at WMS

img_7157Students in Wells Middle School participated in Hour of Code activities last week during SSR in the auditorium.  Approximately 600 students and several of the WMS staff had the opportunity to experience Hour of Code Activities.  There was a very high level of engagement and interests from the students that participated.  This is the third year that we have conducted Hour of Code activities at WMS and since that time enrollment in our computer science related course offerings has increased.  

Hour of Code is designed as an introduction to computer science, designed to promote computer science and coding.  This event is sponsored by Code.org in celebration of Computer Science Education Week.  Several organizations have supported this initiative and developed engaging theme based content for the Hour of Code.  This year there were 161,777 Hour of Code events around the world.

Pictures from the event are below:

Student working on laptopTwo students working on laptop Students giving the thumbs up Students working on laptopsStudents in auditoriumStudents in auditorium

In August GE CEO Jeff Immelt stated that all new hires will learn to code.

Below is a video detailing the importance of the Hour of Code initiative.