EDPuzzle: Engaging Video Lessons

edpuzzle-1EDPuzzle is a great free web based tool to make video assignments engaging and embed a level of accountability.  User can utilize existing videos from sources such as YouTube, Khan Academy, National Geographic, and TED Talks.  Teacher can then edit, crop, record and insert audio, and add questions to the video.  

EDPuzzle integrates seamlessly with G Suite.  Student login with their Google credentials.  For teachers, EDPuzzle imports Google Classroom rosters.  When teachers assign the video lesson, the teacher is provided with applicable feedback to track responses and monitor activity.  EDPuzzle is a great application for flipping instruction with an included level of accountability.  It also provides an avenue for self paced guided instruction.

It is easy to upload a video and add content or questions within the video.  EdPuzzle also has a library of video lessons that can easily be copied, edited, and assigned to students.