Where Does My Work Go When I Log-in to G-Suite (formerly Google Apps for Education)?

As a district, we’ve embraced the G-Suite set of tools as our cornerstone for creating, communicating, and collaborating.  From a user’s experience, it’s simple; log in to the Brewster Schools’ domain and choose which tool to use.  Whether it’s Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, or forms, it just works. Period.
The work is automatically saved in the cloud and can be accessed by an authorized user anytime, anywhere, and on any device with an Internet connection.  Work can be continued on a Chromebook even without an internet connection as well (enable off-line editing).  To make the system work takes a great deal of effort, and security at the data centers is essential in maintaining the public’s trust that the information we save to Google is kept secure.

“I think the Google Data Centers really can offer a level of security that almost no other company can match,” says Joe Kava, Google’s vice-president of data centers.  In a closing comment on this video, Kava’s comments echo the core beliefs of our district Strategic Coherence Plan.  He states, “The thing that amazes me about Google and the data centers is the pace of innovation, and always challenging the way we’re doing things.  So when people say innovation in a certain area is done…I just laugh.”

All Brewster Schools will be opening on time on Monday May 21, 2018. However, there are some changes to transportation routes and stops due to road closures. We appreciate your patience during this extended storm cleanup.
Bus Route Changes

Todas las escuelas de Brewster abrirán a tiempo mañana. Sin embargo, hay algunos cambios en las rutas de transporte y paradas debido a los cierres de carreteras. Agradecemos su paciencia durante esta limpieza prolongada de tormentas.

Cambios en la ruta del autobús