Digital Literacy at Wells Middle School

On Friday January 6th all Wells Middle School students participated in an interactive session on Digital Literacy.  


Topics discussed include:

  • Developing a positive digital footprint
  • Appropriately managing activity on social media
  • Combatting cyberbullying
  • Copyright and fair use guidelines
  • Managing screen time in the contest of life
  • The Brewster Schools Responsible Use Policy
  • Utilizing the Brewster Schools Wifi on a personal device
  • Leveraging the power of the Infinite Campus Portal
  • An update on the Smart Schools Bond funding


We feel that these digital literacy topics are an important component of the students’ holistic education.  Many of these issues impact student life in the context of the formal schooling as well as their activities out of school.  We feel that these topics are especially important to reinforces as we work toward our goal of providing each student an electronic device as outlined in the Brewster Schools Strategic Instructional Technology Plan.  


img_7929These topics were presented through a very unique format as the student participated through a Kahoot which is web based a student response system.  Real time results then served to spark discussion about the digital literacy topics.  Students were encouraged to bring a personal device to the session.  For grades 6-7, there were also 60 school devices provided.  Students without devices were also asked to partner with others around them.  There were approximately 470 students in the grade 6-7 session in the auditorium and 406 students were enrolled in and engaged through the student response system.  The Kahoot was also supplemented by large group and breakout discussions and videos.