BHS Robotics Design and Compete in Air Hockey Challenge

Students in Dr. Kozlenko’s robotics class competed in the 1st annual air hockey tournament in a double elimination bracket.  Students designed and programmed their goalies to have 2 degrees of freedom, allowing them protect the goal by moving side to side while also progressing the puck by moving forwards and backwards.  Each group had create an original mechanical design out of foam core.  They also had to write code that they uploaded to their arduinos to control their goalies.  Students used potentiometers to control the movement of their goalies to allow for human skill to play a part in the competition.

Congratulations to our winning team (Matt Morfea, Ryan Fong and Zach Fimmano) as well as our runner up team (Connor Dignan, Nate Beal, Damian Flash).






Below is a video of the epic finals match up.