Co:Writer and Snap & Read Installation and Use

The video below discusses the Installation and Use of the extensions: Co:Writer and Snap and Read.  There are additional explanations of these tools below the video.  You can also view the post APPLICATIONS TO SUPPORT WRITING AND READING which introduces these products.  

Exciting news in Brewster! We now have acquired Co-Writer and Snap & Read Universal for all individuals in the Brewster domain, which includes students and staff. So, you’re probably thinking what does this have to do with me. Well, both of these extensions assist in accessing the curriculum and allows all to have the same resources as individuals who are classified under the special education laws. Both of these integrate with Google Chrome browser and provide anytime, anywhere access.

Co:Writer Universal is a word prediction extension. It has over 4 million topic dictionaries and you can turn on any available dictionary based on the topic the user is writing about. The extension will assist in spelling, speedier typing and also allows for voice to text so the user can speak what they want to write. Words that are predicted can also be read thus allowing for selection of the correct word. The extension will also read each letter typed, word and/or sentences and any combination of these can be turned off and on. Co-writer can be easily turned off and on depending on needs. It can be used in any text box in the browser so it can be used in email, docs, comment boxes and so much more.

Snap and Read Universal is a reading tool that will read any text and pdf in the Google Chrome browser. This allows for users to read material that they may not be able to decode and to increase their vocabulary and knowledge base. Snap and Read will also dynamically level texts based on the user’s needs. What this means is the text can be manipulated to insert definitions in place of more complex vocabulary and allow the user to toggle between the original text and the definition. Another feature is text translation into 100+ languages. The user can toggle between English and their native language, as well as the leveled text. Snap and Read can also read and translate PDF’s. This opens up more content to the user.

Both of these extensions can be used with other Chrome extensions such as Tab Resize and DocHub to give the user a less complex working environment. The possibilities for the use of these extensions are limitless.
Here is the initial video introducing Co:Writer and Snap & Read.