Maze Challenge: BHS Robotics

Students in Dr. Kozlenko’s robotics class has been hard at work over the last 4 weeks working on their mechanical and software engineering skills to build and code mini cars.  Students put together a mini car frame, soldered motors, motor-control boards and photogates before programming their cars to perform various tasks.  The past 2 weeks were spent writing code and employing the engineering process to debug their program and mechanical issues they encountered along the way to navigate a maze.  Real life issues came into play dealing with draining power sources, slipping tires and noncooperative caster wheels.  Below are pictures and videos of a few of the groups hard at work.

Kayleigh, Viktor, and Max make last minute changes to try to make the last turn on the maze.







Sean Nevin and Sean Kelly proudly display their car.  They made significant progress in the last few days of the challenge, nearly completing the entire maze.​







Tim and Ryan try to recreate their program after running into technical difficulties to upload to their car’s arduino.






In the video below, Nate, Damian, and Connor show off their car’s success in navigating the maze including a pretty tight turn near the end.


In the video below Matthew, Chris, and Peter built and programmed a car that successfully navigated the maze, they even added in a victory dance at the end.


All schools in the Brewster Central School District are on a three hour delay for today, Thursday March 22, due to the weather.

Parent Teacher Conferences at JFK and CVS have been rescheduled for next week Thursday 3/29/18.  Please be safe. Thank you.