CPR Classes at WMS


H.H. Wells Middle School has been teaching CPR to the 8th grade health students for the past 9 years.  Each year approximately 200 young people are trained in CPR for adults and the use of the AED (automated external defibrillator).  This unit is part of the New York State standards for Personal Health & Fitness as well as a Resource Management and a Healthy and Safe Environment.

During the fall (20017) at the Fire Prevention Presentation given by the Brewster Volunteer Fire Department the 8th graders were given a compliment on their knowledge and skill regarding the AED use.  The firefighters were pleasantly surprised to know that our Health Education program includes a CPR class.

The CPR card is only good for two years, so the students are given instruction in the Physical Education class at Brewster High School to continue their CPR experience.  This valuable skill will be a requirement of all New York seniors by 2017.  Brewster Central Schools has been supporting The American Heart Association Heart Walk since 2002.  Teaching students to advocate for their community and their own heart health is a priority here at Brewster Central Schools.