Internet Safety and Awareness Presentation


Thomas Grimes, Retired NYPD Police Detective of NEW YORK’S FINEST SPEAKERS

A Law Enforcement Public Speakers Bureau

To Speak to our Brewster Parents/Guardians on Internet Safety and Awareness!

WHEN:  Friday, September 15 ,2017

TIME:  6:30pm

PLACE:  H.H. Wells Middle School Auditorium

Parents/Guardians: PLEASE attend this.

 Internet safety for our children is SO important.

This Presentation is geared toward the parents or guardians of young people who utilize social networking sites—Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter, MySpace, etc.

If your children are on social media, or asking to get on it, you should attend, get some insight on all that goes on, what you see and what you don’t see.


Mr. Grimes will also be addressing the 6th and 8th grade WMS students on September 15th.