Teachers Earn Google Certified Status

We are happy to announce that over the summer five additional teachers obtained new or expanded levels of Google Certified status.  These teachers are:

Brittany Bednarczyk
Deb Romaine
Donna Schneider
Lisa Vlicky
Megan Gersch

The levels of certifications obtained by BCSD staff includes:

Google Certified Educator 1
Google Certified Educator 2
Google Certified Trainer

This certification process for Google Certified Educators (GCE) provides teachers with rich instruction in the application digital learning tools in a education embedded context.  The test to obtain certification is a rigorous three hour exams.  Those taking the tests are expect to apply specific digital learning tools in context of educational settings.  The Google Certified Trainer (GCT) certification requires the submission of a portfolio of artifacts including a video demo lessons and training logs and artifacts.  All certifications require annual renewal.

The Google Certified Educators and Trainers at BCSD serve as a transformative group to model on help disseminate the use of digital learning tools that are helping to redefine the educational environment at all levels of the Brewster Schools.  The 24 teachers that current are certified by Google are listed below:

Donna Schneider District
Peter LaMoreaux District
James Treloar District    
Brittany Kozlenko BHS  
Deb Romaine WMS  
Elizabeth Sant BHS  
Francyne Craig BHS  
Jason Fidler WMS  
Jessica McCann BHS  
Liz Hamboussi JFK  
Mike Nicastro BHS  
Nora Johnston WMS  
Paul George CVS  
Steve Coshal CVS  
Alexa Brandi-Hall District    
Andy Kurtz BHS    
Brittany Bednarczyk JFK    
Chris Gaudio BHS    
Heather Fidler JFK    
Lisa Vlicky BHS    
Megan Gersch JFK    
Rebecca Archer BHS    
Sara DiDio JFK    
Scott Potusek BHS/WMS    


Additionally, BCSD has 3 Network Specialist that are Google Certified Administrators.  These individuals develop of infrastructure and provide critical support to maintain successful integration of the G-Suite environment.  These individuals are:

John Castellano
Jennifer Piper
Emerson Segara