Although Las Vegas is over 2,500 miles away from Brewster, New York, we are well aware of the magnitude of the horrific and tragic event that occurred on Sunday night. Our hearts go out to the families of those who lost their lives and for those who are hospitalized. The news coverage keeps the event front and center for all of us. The ongoing news coverage can make our children nervous, afraid and uneasy. Ms. Henrietta Lodge, a Social Worker at Brewster High School, attended a Regional Crisis Team meeting sponsored by Putnam Northern Westchester BOCES. She brought back a few resources that parents and guardians can use to have conversations with their children about this incident. We hope that these resources are helpful to you. As always, our mental health and school counselors, social workers and psychologists are available to meet with children who are feeling the effects of this tragedy. Please contact a school administrator if you have any concerns or want to make sure that your child (ren) speaks to someone.

Valerie Henning-Piedmonte, Superintendent of Schools

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