How to Put Out a Dreadful Dragon

Mrs. Ballard’s Life Skills Speech/Language class has worked hard preparing for and performing the play “How to Put Out a Dreadful Dragon.”

“How to Put Out a Dreadful Dragon” is a modern folk tale that preserves the charm where the beautiful princess is unable to wed until her  prince can be found … a knight who is courageous enough to slay the dragon, save the kingdom, and win her hand in marriage.


Aidan Graham, Mrs. Capalbo… COURT MINSTREL: narrators of story
Nico Stafford/Mr. Clark …COURT JESTER: makes the King happy
Alex Knight … THE DREADFUL DRAGON: the cause of it all!
Christian Pinel… KING: worries very much about the dragon
Brianna Roberts… QUEEN: desires to have her daughter married
Max Michinko… RICHARD BROWN: a bright young modern man
Gigi DaSilva…   PRINCESS ROSALIE: is looking for her hero
Aidan Graham…SIR CROCKER: a knight coming to slay the dragon

Thank you to those who helped with rehearsals and supported this process.

Kathy Capalbo, Trish Bateman, Sigita Gulla, Debbie Duncan  Kudos to Mr. Clark, our beloved principal & Court Jester understudy and to Peter LaMoreaux  for his editing expertise.

Kudos to Mrs. Ballard for leading this tremendous opportunity for our students. 

Please watch the performance below:

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