Brewster Education Foundation provides CVS students with Critical Thinking Games

Thanks to the Brewster Education Foundation, Mrs. Goetschkes’ third grade students enjoy playing critical thinking games. Through applying for one of the foundation’s insta-grants, Mrs. Goetschkes was able to purchase multiple wooden chess boards with beautiful wooden chess pieces and the card game 24. “The chess boards I had were old and falling apart. Some of the plastic chess pieces were missing and I didn’t have enough boards left for the whole class to play. Applying for the insta-grant allowed me to replace them with better quality games and to also purchase the critical thinking card game, 24. The students love playing the games. Many of the children never played chess before and were excited to learn on the new sets. Thank you Brewster Education Foundation!” said Mrs. Goetschkes.

Students playing a gameStudents playing a game of chessstudents showing game they play

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