Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is a very prestigious award that is given out each year at the June Awards’ Night. The criteria for entrance into the Hall of Fame are as follows:

  1. Candidates must:
    1. Be a graduate of Brewster High School.  The nominee must be our of BHS for four years.
    2. Be approved by a committee of coaches.
    3. Be approved by the Brewster High School administration and athletic director.
  2. Candidates must possess the following:
    1. Athletic ability
      • 2 time All-Leage Athlete, and:
      • 1 time All-Section (All-County, All-Elite) Athlete or All-Section Potential, or the following;
    2. A League or a State Most Valuable Player of All-State Team
    3. A team or individual record setter
      (An athlete can be a 1 time All-League performer and still qualify through B or C based upon an exceptional year of athletic performance.)
    4. Attitude: as evidenced by how they performed at practices as well as games in the sport that he or she is nominated in.
    5. Demonstrated leadership qualities
    6. Sacrificed for the good of the team
    7. Has worked up to or beyond his or her potential
  3. Positive Contributions. Has set a proper example for Brewster students.
  1. Lack of discipline problems
  2. Helped younger players
  3. Demonstrated good sportsmanship

An athlete can also be nominated based upon athletic accomplishments at a higher level of play at an intercollegiate, national or other level.