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The Brewster Central School District is committed to educating students with disabilities within its own schools whenever appropriate.  Special Education services are available to students between the ages of 3-21.  Click on Programs  to see a full listing of the programs and services available.

What to Do If You Have Concerns about Your Child

For Parents of Pre-School Children:

If you have concerns that your preschooler is not reaching the developmental milestones or performing as you would expect:

  • discuss your concerns with your child’s pediatrician
  • if your child attends a preschool or nursery school program, share your concerns with your child’s teachers
  • if you and the professionals working with your child continue to suspect that your child’s development is being compromised by a possible disability, please contact:

Ms. Jacqueline Smallwood
Elementary/Pre-K Special Education Administrator
Brewster High School
50 Foggintown Road; Brewster, NY 10509
845-278-8570 ext. 1361

She will explain the process of referral to the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) and help you to identify other avenues of support should a referral not be indicated at this time.

For Parents of School-Age Children:

If you suspect that your school-age child may have a disability which might be impacting their performance in school, you are encouraged to speak with your child’s teachers and/or building support staff who know your child. If together, you continue to feel that your child is not performing at a level similar to their peers, ask about the building level supports or resources which have been or may be available to assist your child.

Public Schools are required to provide students who are struggling in school with appropriate interventions to address areas of need. The student’s response to these interventions is closely monitored and interventions are adjusted as needed. This process of providing scientifically researched interventions to students who are struggling; monitoring their progress and adjusting the interventions if needed, is known as “Response to Intervention” or ” RTI”. RTI is referenced in the most recent revision of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the Federal law which governs special education services to students with disabilities ages 3-21.

If a child fails to progress academically despite a comprehensive, coordinated and well monitored plan of interventions, the building level support team, known as the Instructional Support Team (IST) or Student Study Team (SST,) may recommend a referral to the Committee on Special Education (CSE). You will be notified if a referral has been initiated and you will also receive a written acknowledgment of the referral from the Office of Special Education. Your written consent will be needed to determine if your child has a disability. As a parent, you may directly refer your child to the Committee on Special Education (CSE) should you have concerns that an educational disability could be impacting school performance. The evaluation process consists of the following mandated evaluations:

  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Educational Evaluation
  • Social History
  • Copy of Physical Examination
  • Current Teacher Reports
  • Other Evaluations which may be recommended: (Speech & Language evaluation; Fine and Gross Motor testing; Psychiatric Evaluation; etc.)

When the evaluations are completed, the Committee on Special Education (CSE) will schedule a meeting to review the evaluations and determine if your child has a disability as defined by Federal and State laws and regulations. The membership of the CSE is mandated by law and includes, among others, the child’s parent or guardian. After reviewing all evaluations and reports, the CSE must determine if the student presents with an educational disability in one of 13 categories outlined in law. If the student is found to be eligible for special education programs and services due to an educational disability, then a document called an “Individual Education Plan (IEP)” will be generated which describes the kind of special education programs and services which are recommended to address the student’s areas of need. The Committee may also determine that a student is ineligible for “classification” and may recommend other building levels services to support the child.

If after discussing your concerns with your child’s school staff, you have questions about the CSE referral and evaluation process, please contact:

For Elementary Students (Grades K-5):

Ms. Jacqueline Smallwood
Elementary/Pre-K Special Education Administrator
Brewster High School
50 Foggintown Road; Brewster, NY 10509
845-278-8570 ext. 1361

*For more information please see the link to the New York State Education Department’s publication: “Parents’ Guide to Special Education” which is available in both English and Spanish and which can be found on the “Forms & Procedures” Tab on the Special Education Webpage.

Programs & Services

Whenever possible, students with disabilities will be educated in their home school. Special education services are available to students between the ages of 3-21. The following services/programs are available in the Brewster Central School District:


Students between the ages of 3 to 5 who are classified as preschool students with disabilities by the Committee on Preschool Education (CPSE) may receive special education related services and/or programs.  Related services such as: speech therapy; counseling; occupational therapy; or physical therapy; and programs such as: special education itinerant services (SEIT), integrated classes and special classes; are all part of the continuum of special education programs which are available through State and county approved agencies and preschools.  Special education preschool programs and services are recommended through the Brewster CPSE and administered by the Putnam County Department of Health.



  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Counseling
  • Teacher of Hearing Impaired
  • Teacher of Visually Impaired
  • Nursing Services


These are services provided by a special education teacher either directly to the student who is in a general education program or indirectly to the student’s regular education teacher(s).  Direct services are specially designed individualized or group instruction that is provided a minimum of two hours per week to aid the student to benefit from general education classes.  Indirect service is consultation provided by a special education teacher to general education teachers to assist them in adjusting the learning environment and/or modifying their instructional methods to meet the individual needs of a student with a disability who attends their classes.  At the secondary level, Consultant Teacher services may be provided in the following support settings:

  • BHS:  Academic Support Lab
  • WMS: Learning Center


Students with disabilities receive instruction within a regular education classroom with nondisabled peers.  Instruction and support is delivered collaboratively by both the regular and special education teacher.  These classes are available at all levels in all school buildings on a grade level or subject specific basis.

SPECIAL CLASSES (Self-Contained Class)

Students with disabilities receive specialized instruction in a separate location in small groups on a per subject or part-time basis. Instruction is delivered by a special education teacher. Students at the high school level may receive credit towards a local/regents diploma.


Students with disabilities who need more intensive services or programs not available in the home school may be educated in approved special education programs outside of the district.  The continuum of placements in least restrictive order is as follows:

  • Other Public School District
    The Committee on Special Education (CSE) may apply on behalf of a student with disability for placement consideration within a special education program operated by another local school district.
  • Putnam Northern Westchester PNW BOCES & Southern Westchester BOCES
    Putnam Northern Westchester BOCES & Southern Westchester BOCES.  BOCES special education programs and classes are located in local public school districts and on the BOCES campus.  Depending on the program and the location, students may or may not be integrated with typically developing peers within general education programs.
  • Special Act School District
    These districts were set up by a special act of the New York State Legislature.  Although they are distinguished from approved private special education schools, they are similar in structure. Each of the Special Act School Districts has its own Board of Education which regulates district policy and procedures.  Currently, there are 13 special act school districts across the State.
  • State Supported or State Operated Schools
    New York State Supported and State Operated Schools are special education schools which provide specialized instruction for students with specific disabilities.
  • Approved Special Education Private School
    On occasion, students may have educational needs that cannot be met in a public school or in a BOCES program.  The school district may then apply for placement in an approved private day school.
  • Approved Special Education Private Residential School
    When the structure of an approved private day school is not sufficient to educate and safely manage a student, the Committee on Special Education (CSE) may recommend placement in an approved special education private residential school.  This can occur only after all other options have been explored.

Brewster High School
50 Foggintown Road
Brewster, NY  10509

Director of Pupil Personnel Services

Elizabeth Kennedy
845-278-8570, ext. 1371 

Amy Osooli
Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel Services

Amy Osooli
845-278-8570, ext. 1369

Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel Services
Joshua Loeffel
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Elementary/Pre-K Special Education Administrator

Jacqueline Smallwood
845-278-8570, ext. 1361