Welcome to the District-Wide Re-Registration Page!


Dear Parent/Guardian,

Based upon concerns from members of our community with regard to residency fraud, the Brewster Central School District has initiated a re-registration process to ensure that all students are legal residents of the District. While residency and custodial requirements outlined in NYS Education Law are carefully reviewed during the initial registration process, there are limited opportunities to continuously confirm a family’s residency status once a student is enrolled. State statutes are very clear that children must attend the public school in the district in which they are legally domiciled. In order to guarantee that only children of Brewster CSD residents are attending the Brewster schools, we are requiring that all students in grades K-12 re-register.

As part of the re-registration process, you are required to make an appointment on our booking system and provide all required proofs of residency as described on our Residency Re-registration Certification Form. We do realize that this procedure may be an inconvenience, but hope that you understand that with limited resources and tighter school budgets, it is essential that every dollar spent in our schools goes towards the education of Brewster CSD residents only.

If you have any questions about this process, please refer to the helpful documents linked to this page or contact our District Registrar at 845-279-8000 ext. 6110. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Mandatory Re-registration of All Students

July 2-August 31

Monday-Thursday, 8:00am-8:00pm

Fridays, 8:00am-3:00pm

Click Here to Schedule your Appointment and Access Re-Registration Documents