Spreading Kindness Throughout BCSD

The Kindness Rocks Project has built great momentum throughout the district this year in an effort to promote character development, empathy and civic responsibility.  Through this project students decorate rocks including their inspirational words of kindness.  These rocks are shared throughout the class and school.  

This project began at JFK with Mrs. Lappe’s second grade ENL morning class.  This initiative has then spread through school to the students in the classes of  Mrs. Knorr, Mrs. Hamboussi, Mrs. Byrnes, Mrs. Melton, Mrs. Monti, Mrs. Semmens, and Mrs. Olsen.  To showcase and celebrate these rocks students from the ENL morning program and Mrs. Hamboussi’s class helped clean up the garden in front of JFK.  Students also made Thankful Rocks during Thanksgiving and then Holiday Rocks.

This great work was then shared throughout the district.  Students from JFK collaborated with Mrs. Dakin’s 6th grade ENL students who then championed this kindness rocks initiative at WMS and CVS.  They presented this project at CVS to the 5th grade students in the class of Mrs. De La Cruz and Mrs. Rodriguez.  While sharing this work at CVS the 6th grade students created videos and presentations highlighting the importance of this kindness initiative.  The students worked to develop the four language modalities – listening, speaking, reading, and writing in preparation for and through delivering their presentations.  There are also plans to share this project with students at BHS.

The Kindness Rocks Project has fostered character development and a sense of community throughout the district.  It also embodies principles of the Strategic Coherence Plan.  Students are collaborating throughout the district in efforts to become more civically responsible.