BHS Model UN Does it Again

Less than a month after BHS Model UN landed on the map with not only their successful conference at the University of Alabama, but their local conference on the European Union, the club was on a bus headed to Washington DC for the Washington Area Model United Nations Conference.

This year, WAMUNC hosted over 1500 delegates from around the US and the world. With 22 committees, this was the largest conference that the club has ever attended, and proved to be one of the most competitive as well. With committees ranging from having 9 delegates to 190 in some cases, and some students having over 7 years of experience, our students were pushed right into the deep end at this conference, and we could not be more proud. Our 27 delegates not only represented Brewster High School with dignity and respect, but with pride as they debated their way through the weekend.

Unfortunately, high winds in the city prevented the club from visiting the Pentagon, the students found other ways to spend their free time, meeting with other members of their committees, exploring the hotel, and meeting new people.

In addition to WAMUNC, the hotel and conference center where the event was held also hosted several other events and some very important people. Some of the students were able to meet with New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, and others got a chance to see the Chinese Vice President!

The weekend came to an eventful end with the closing ceremonies, when the club proved that it could hold its own against some of the most prestigious schools in the US. It all started when freshman Henry Bloss and freshman Anthony Ayala received a Verbal Commendation for representing the nation of Cameroon in the African Union committee. Next, senior Chris McCarthy received an Honorable Mention for portraying the King of Sidon in 1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed at his last overnight travel conference of his high school career. To end off the weekend, junior Maria Najjar took home an Honorable Mention for her portrayal of Hulk Hogan in the Monday Night Wars Joint Crisis Committee.

We could not be more proud of the club for their hard work and dedication in DC, and we are excited for the future of the club! The club is going to be attending a conference at Edgemont High School and the Hackley School later this year, and will be hosting their second annual conference next November!

Model UN meets after school in the ILC on Wednesdays, and new members are always welcome.

Full Roster of Delegates:

Victor Diaz (Sr), Chris McCarthy (Sr), Angelo Casale (Sr), Max Likens (Sr), Will Gonzalez (Sr), Olivia Jaspers (Sr), Akshay Gupta (J), Kain Gonzalez (J), Jane Scinta (J), Jackie Bechara (J), Maria Najjar (J), Olivia Fedio (J), Marisa Milani (J), Erin Renzi (J), Sarah Borsari (J), Rhiana Brennan (J), Sarah Lloyd (J), Owen Scinta (F), Nathan Wdowski (F), David Alade (F), Anthony Ayala (F), Riley Krisch (F), Henry Bloss (F), Ryan Astrologo (F), Owen Carey (F), Daniel Pantea (F), Suvan Adula (F)