Grades 1-5 Empowered By New 1:1 Device Model

We are excited to announce that the JFK Elementary School and CV Starr Intermediate School have recently increased their capacity of Chromebooks.  Students in grades 1-5 are now equipped with one device per student (1:1). Students in grades 6-12 made this transition just over a year ago. The New York State Smart School Bond Act has empowered Brewster Schools to complete this powerful transformation to a 1:1 environment.  Over the last year, Brewster High school and Wells Middle School have worked to transform teaching and learning to harness the power of this capacity.  We feel strongly that such a model will better prepare students for the world they will encounter upon graduation. We feel that this added capacity at the lower grade levels will also be able to better empower our younger students to harness the power of digital learning tools.  


We have purchased new Chromebooks but also have reallocated many of the devices that were already in distribution in the schools.  Chromebooks provide a cost-effective means to make this 1:1 initiative scalable district wide.  Although our older students are provided the opportunity to take these devices home with them, younger students are not yet permitted that luxury. Students at the younger grades are the assign specific devices to help teach them responsibility with his powerful learning tool.