Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project

Students in Mrs. Flasz’s, Dr. Lavelle’s and Mrs. Elk’s Fifth Grade ELA class studied the unit, “The Lens of History”, as part of the Teacher College Reading and Writing Project. The unit is designed to support student’s writing of informational texts within a content area study, in this case a social studies unit on Westward Expansion.
After reading and researching the whole of Westward Expansion, students chose a more focused topic to study.  Each student wrote an informational essay on their topic. As a culminating activity, students were able to choose a project connected with their topic to work on in a collaborative group, such as a board game, a travel brochure, a skit, or a diorama.  Students were excited to present their projects to their peers in a living museum.
students holding projectstudent holding projectstudents standing in front of classroom showing project