SCP Learning Walks and Rubrics

October 12, 2018

As you may recall from a message that I shared with the community in September, a team of teachers and administrators developed these SCP Rubrics. They are an incredible resource. For the last few weeks, the administrators and I have started using these rubrics during learning walks, a process for collaborative inquiry that we have used for about four years. One of our 2018-19 District goals is to deepen the integration of the five SCP skills by visiting classrooms to learn how these skills are being integrated into the curriculum, instruction, assessment and the learning environment. In advance of the weekly visit, the principal or administrator identifies one of these skills and selects three classrooms where we will spend about five minutes in each looking for evidence of these skills. We take notes on what we see and hear and ask students about the work that they are doing. We then meet to discuss and analyze the evidence using the rubrics.¬†These visits are the highlight of my week. I’ve asked the building leaders to share the process with educators so that they become familiar with the rubrics and accompany them on learning walks throughout the year.

On Wednesday, administrators met as we do once per month at 4:00pm to share our work and learn together. I’ve attached a few pictures below of Ms. Horler, Mr. Clark, Dr. Zamperlin and Dr. Young discussing what they gleaned from their recent learning walks. Two to three administrators traveled together from station to station to hear about their experience and to prepare for their learning walk. In the future, I’ll also insert 2 minute videos of these sessions.

John Clark discussed adaptability

Robin Young discussed critical thinking

Nikki Horler discussed critical thinking

Frank Zamperlin discussed critical thinking

Valerie Henning-Piedmonte, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools