ACME Markets Recognizes Diane Starr As Teacher of the Month

Diane Starr - ACME Teacher of the Month

This month’s ACME Teacher of the Month is Henry H. Wells Middle School’s Diane Starr.

Starr, a seventh-grade math teacher, is retiring at the end of this school year and will be sorely missed. Principal John Clark had so many great things to say about her. “She’s an incredible teacher and a consummate professional,” he said. “She’s always the last to leave, is a meticulous planner, and is great with students of all ages.”

Starr is also known for her peaceful demeanor. “She has the most even disposition,” Clark said. “She never raises her voice. She’s always even and calm.”

To celebrate her recognition, ACME’s manager, Gino Maselli, presented Starr with a bouquet of flowers, a cake, and a $50 gift certificate to ACME.

Past winners include Rebecca Archer (BHS), Francine Monti (JFK), Jess Juska (BHS), Irene Othmer (WMS), Jackie Fego (CVS), Chris Kayler (JFK), AnnMarie McLeod (BHS), Tom Nelligan (WMS), Janet Murphy (CVS) and Lisa Goeddell (JFK).