Senator Terrence Murphy Appreciation Event

November 30, 2018

Yesterday, the JFK PTA, CV Starr & HH Wells PTA, Brewster High School PTSA,  SEPTA and the District hosted an event to thank Senator Terrence Murphy for his support of the children of Brewster. The event was held in the beautiful IDEA room at JFK Elementary. Ms. Kristin Cacal, President of SEPTA, Ms. Kelly Curtin, PTA President of CVS & HHW, Ms. Carla Scipioni, President of the BHS PTSA and Ms. Jessica Apap were responsible for a beautiful basket of bear wear, a trophy with a globe to symbolize the District’s SCP and a certificate. The President of the Brewster High School Demo Congress read a proclamation stating the many ways that Senator Murphy has supported the District.  Mr. Dean Berardo presented Senator Murphy with two shirts worn by coaches making him an honorary coach.  In addition to reading a proclamation, student leaders from HH Wells Middle School presented Senator Murphy with a Bear Buck, which is a very successful recognition established by their PBIS Committee to award students for demonstrating civic responsibility and other important success skills. Children from CV Starr read letters that they wrote to Senator Murphy along with a poster and card that they made. Three children from JFK Elementary presented Senator Murphy with kindness rocks that they made. A reception was held with all of the children enjoying the food supplied by the PTA/PTSA/SEPTA Presidents.  Administrators and teachers also attended.

The event was very successful and made all of us very pleased that we were able to make this day possible and show Senator Murphy how much we appreciated his support. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this event and who attended.

Valerie Henning-Piedmonte, Superintendent of Schools