JASON STEM Recycle to ReBuild Poster and Video Contest

Through a generous grant, our District has access to the JASON STEM curriculum resources in all grade levels. This video and poster contest on recycling and rebuilding sounds like something that some of our students would enjoy.

JASON Learning has great news!

We have extended the deadline for the Recycle to Rebuild Poster & Video Contest to January 18, 2019.


Apply the knowledge, ideas and skills you have gained from science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), to research, imagine, prototype and test ways that we could use recycled materials to help rebuild our infrastructure.

Create an original video or poster that tells the story of your RECYCLE to REBUILD solution, and how you thought of it and tested it.

Your video or poster should educate others about the challenge we face to rebuild our infrastructure and inspire them to explore recycling solutions – both big and small – that will bring our infrastructure into the 21st Century and beyond!

All entries must be submitted by the new deadline of:
January 18, 2019