Athletic Placement Process (APP)

  • The Advanced Athletic Placement (AAP) process is for athletes in grades seven and eight to play "up" (freshman, junior varsity or varsity), a level in a sport.  If an athlete fulfills the requirements of AAP, he or she will be permitted to play at a higher level.

    Highlights of the APP Program are:

    • Only the coach can request that a player participate at a higher level.
    • An athlete must be approved by the School District Physician prior to the tryout process.
    • The athlete must be approved by the School Administration for academic reasons-the student must achieve a minimum grade of 80% in all classes in the previous quarter.

    Procedures for the Athletic Placement Process

    The APP has a few initial processes before an athlete can participate in tryouts:

    1. Parental permission must be received. (Complete the Parent Permission Slip)

    2. The athlete must have 80% in all classes from the previous quarter.

    3. The coach must provide a recommendation. If your athlete does not know the coach, please tell him/her to write a list of teams or athletic accomplishments in the sport that they will be going out for. This list will be able to help generate a conversation with the school doctor as he has to visually assess their ability to compete at a higher level (see number 4).

    4. Meet with Dr. Corsaro, our District physician. Dr. Corsaro will speak to the athlete, assess the Tanner Scale results from the athletic physical, whether the student is physically comparable with the average age and identity of the students with whom the students will compete, and review past experience. Dr. Corsaro, will approve or disapprove of moving the athlete on to the physical fitness testing process based upon the Tanner Scale results and the visual assessment of the student.

    5. Mr. Berardo or the middle physical education staff will supervise the physical fitness testing, using the Presidential Physical Fitness Test.

    6. If the athlete passes the physical fitness test, he/she can proceed to the tryouts/team evaluation.

    7. The athlete will go through the tryout process and may or may not make the team.

    If you have any questions, please call the Athletic Office at 845-279-5051 x 1148.