• Submit a Bears Backpack Request

    • Organization/Schools send requests for approval using the form below.
    • All notices should be in Word, PDF, Google or jpeg format and have organization’s name clearly displayed on notice.
    • All PTA notices related to a school program must be approved by the building Principal, and all District level PTA programs must be approved by the Superintendent prior to being submitted to Bears Backpack.
    • All in-district notices should also be supplied in Spanish
    • Notices may not display a company’s logo or commercial advertisements.
    • All notices from outside organizations should include the following disclaimer on bottom of flyer:
      • For communications in English:
        The Brewster Central School District neither sponsors nor endorses this event or information regarding activities of general public interest which promote the education or other best interests of the students.  Questions regarding this event or activity should be directed to the organization, not the District.
      • For communications in Spanish:
        El Distrito Escolar Central de Brewster no patrocina ni respalda este evento u organización. Esta información se distribuye de acuerdo con las normas del distrito de brindar información sobre actividades de interés público en general que promueven la educación u otros intereses de los alumnos. Las preguntas acerca de este evento o actividad deben dirigirse a la organización, no al distrito.

    • Flyers will be distributed once weekly.
    • Denials will be communicated to the organization/school by email.
    • Buildings will mail paper copies of In-District Bears Backpack notices to those families who have opted out of digital communication.
    • All approvals of notices will be at the discretion of the District as per Board of Education policy.


    Please use the form below to submit your Bears Backpack Request.  *NOTE:  IF YOU ARE SUBMITTING A .PDF, DOCX OR JPEG FILE, PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW, THEN EMAIL THE FILE TO backpackrequest@brewsterschools.org.