The Brewster Central School District has a website which it utilizes to provide information which it has determined to be helpful regarding the operation of the school district and educational events to the community as a whole.

    All postings, information and materials transmitted through this website are controlled and made available by the Brewster Central School District, and can be removed at any time by the District.

    From time to time, the District may post information regarding community events it deems relevant to educational purposes. Any such material and/or other information posted and/or incorporated on the District’s website is for educational purposes and constitutes government speech. The District prohibits the private dissemination of information and/or material on its website.

    The District does not endorse, approve, certify and/or control the content of the external web addresses that are linked to its website, as they contain information created, published, maintained or otherwise posted by institutions or organizations independent of the District. The District does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information posted on any such external web addresses. Use of any information obtained from such addresses is voluntary, and reliance upon it should be undertaken after an independent review of its accuracy and completeness.

    The District may distribute information via electronic and/or paper announcements for organizations. Prior to the distribution of these materials, approval is required by the Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designee to ensure that in his or her sole judgment:

    • Announcements promoting activities or programs of general public interest are designed to advance the educational or other best interests of the students;

    • The organization’s mission statement or philosophy is not in conflict with the District’s mission statement, vision statement, philosophy or other standing Board policy;

    • Announcements promoting activities or programs sponsored by religious organizations do not limit participation in such activities or programs based on religion or other protected classes.

    Cross reference:
    1510, Public Sales on School Property
    1511, Advertising in the Schools

    Adopted: 2/9/10
    BOE approval 2/9/10
    Revised: January 28, 2014