• About Dr. G.



    I am proud to have been teaching mathematics at Brewster High School since 1993.  In the early days, I taught RCT Math and Course 2.  There has been a lot of growth, expansion, and change since then.  The math department has more than doubled in size with new offerings in computer science, engineering, and carpentry.  It has been gratifying to play a small role in all of this.

    Some of my proudest moments include developing new courses and training in new courses, all for the benefit of our students.  In 1995, I developed a new course to help students explore the more meaningful side of math.  We explored topics like matrix theory, social choice theory, consumer mathematics, and game theory.  AP Statistics was the first course I was trained in.  This single statistics course has since grown to three different statistic course offerings to help our students understand the constant stream of information they encounter. 

    In 2016, I started training as a Project Lead the Way Engineering Instructor.  For three consecutive summers I took two weeks to learn about engineering design, engineering principles, and aerospace engineering.  I am now certified to teach all three.  Additionally, I have also taught a robotics course and was advisor to the Robotics Club for two years.  Through these offerings, our students learn to collaborate, communicate, problem solve, and reflect.  Learning is more active.  Students are engaged.  

    Students have designed, built, and modified simple machines.  They have programmed robots that they have built.  Students have used 3D imaging software and designed puzzles.  Gliders have been built after using industry software to determine if it will fly.  Project based learning is alive and well in room 153.  


    I have been married for over 25 years.  My husband and I met at college and both have the same degree.  He went into programming and network design while I entered education.  We have a son and a daughter.  They fill our lives with happy noise, a lot of animals, and photography excursions.  

    I am addicted to disney.  I have been visiting the park since it opened.  I watch anything crime related or paranormal and I love to read.  I can be in the middle of four books at any given time.  

    I also teach graduate level education courses for Empire State College and the College of St. Rose.  No matter what I do, I am a lifelong learner.