Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Glenn Palmieri

This is Mr. Palmieri's second year at Brewster teaching the Career Tech Education Class.  Mr. Palmieri has an extensive background in both homebuilding and fine furniture making.  He was an apprentice in Chicago for a year learning how to make furniture utilizing traditional joinery.  Mr. Palmieri also spent time remodeling houses with his families business.  For five years, he ran a shop in Port Chester renovating churches all over the country.  He was chosen and built a throne, lecturn, kneeler and various other pieces for the Pope in 2008 for his services at St. Joes Seminary in Yonkers and the Ground Zero Mass.  Mr. Palmieri also teaches professionally in his own shop teaching people how to make their own furniture.   Mr. Palmieri is very excited to be apart of the great community at Wells and Brewster!  We hope to get our students to think about the world in a different way while figuring out how to layout and make things with their hands!  This year proves fo be a bit different as our class is all virtual!  We will be making unique pieces using recyclable materials.