In order to empower teachers to streamline their workflow, we are moving to a model where all teachers will have the opportunity to receive a district provided Chromebook.

To maximize the utility of this powerful instructional tool, we also feel that it is important to support our stakeholders as they develop the capacity to most effectively operate in the Chromebook environment.  In addition to this portal created to enhance the tool set forth, we will be providing in person professional learning opportunities at all schools both during and out of school hours.

Professional Learning

Technology and Innovation Page

Google Apps Learning Center



To help you get started with your new Chromebook, we have created an extensive playlist of helpful videos that cover an array of topics such as, Get Things Done With Your Chromebook, Set Up Cloud Printing on Your Chromebook, and Web Apps and the Chrome Web Store.  We encourage you to check out all of the videos.

YouTube Channel

In addition to the Chromebook videos, the BCSD YouTube Channel also contains numerous other Professional Learning videos covering a wide assortment of topics.