District Profile

The Brewster Central School District is composed of four different school buildings. There is one primary school – John F. Kennedy, one intermediate school – C.V. Starr, one middle school – Henry H. Wells, and one high school – Brewster High School.

John F. Kennedy Elementary School
John F. Kennedy Elementary School was erected in 1964. Over the years there have been a number of expansions to accommodate the increase in student population.

C.V. Starr Intermediate School
The C. V. Starr Intermediate School was opened in January 1998. The erection of this building helped to solve some of the major overcrowding situations in the elementary schools and the middle school. When the doors were opened, 4th grade students from JFK Elementary and GSS Elementary, along with 5th grade students from the Wells Middle School were welcomed into a learning experience created exclusively for their developmental needs. C.V. Starr now houses third through fifth grades.

Henry H. Wells Middle School
Henry H. Wells is a middle school houses three grade levels: sixth, seventh, and eighth. 

Brewster High School
Brewster High School was built in 1971. It was the fourth building to be added to the Brewster Central School campus. In 1999, a major bond issue was passed by the Brewster voters allowing the high school to nearly double in size. With this new construction, the high school opened its doors to new science, math, art and music facilities. The new ‘state of the art’ building enhances the existing ‘state of the art’ curriculum.

JFK Elementary SchoolGrade KGrade 1Grade 2Total
C.V. Starr Intermediate SchoolGrade 3Grade 4Grade 5
H.H. Wells Middle SchoolGrade 6Grade 7Grade 8
Brewster High SchoolGrade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12

Updated October 1, 2018