• Welcome to the Brewster High School NJROTC Department

    The NJROTC is a program of academic courses, co-curricular activities involving field trips to naval and military bases and extracurricular opportunities, including interschool exhibition drill and athletics. Periodic opportunities for cruises on naval ships will be offered. Chances for selection for advanced leadership training at service sponsored leadership academies exist while the cadet is in high school. There is no requirement for affiliation with the armed forces after  graduation. The emphasis is on citizenship development and practical leadership experience. The academic portion of the program is functionally divided into three non-sequential courses; NJROTC 1R through NJROTC 3R and covers various disciplines including: career planning, study skills, early naval history and current naval ships and aircraft. Instruction is provided in military drill, leadership skills, naval tradition, navigation, 19th century naval history, nautical rules of the road, and oceanography. The NJROTC 4R course for seniors is structured as a seminar course with emphasis is placed on performance in various duties in the cadet company based upon previous experience, if any, in the program.


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