JFK Summer Reading


    1. It will make you smarter.
    2. Reading can help you become a better writer.
    3. You will learn new words.
    4. It gives you something to do when you need something to do.
    5. It’s a wonderful way to travel to different places.
    6. You can become familiar with your public library, a lovely, cool place to be.
    7. Nothing beats reading a book in a hammock or by the water.
    8. You will meet interesting characters.
    9. Reading is a quiet, peaceful activity that you can do alone or with a friend.
    10. You’ll win a certificate from the JFK Library if you read 10 books!
  • Mrs. Rubin's Reading Mantra

    The more you read, the more you know.  The more you know, the smarter you are.  The smarter you are, the better you’ll do in school and the better a person you will be because smart people know how to behave and do the right thing. 

    Reading is the key to everything.  Good readers are good writers.  Good readers speak well.  Good readers have a bigger vocabulary and are good spellers.  If you read well, you will understand the subjects that are taught to you in school.  You’ll understand math, social studies and science better.  Readers are successful students. So, remember to read everyday this summer.  

    Along with your cheerios and hamburgers, books are brain food.  Read things you like and have fun doing it. You’ll enjoy it and get better at it this way.  So, no matter where you go, remember to take a book with you.  Read in a hammock, read on the beach, read in a lounge chair, read at the dentist’s office, read at your grandma’s house, read in a tire swing, read in bed.  Read anywhere and everywhere.  Be a reader!  

    And remember,