Emergency Closing


The decision to close school or have two or three hour delayed openings is a very important one. Please remember that our school district covers approximately 42 square miles. There are a wide variety of roads with a variety of road conditions. The complexity is further compounded when one considers that several buses leave the garage by 6:00am and arrive as late as 9:30am.

When it becomes necessary to close the schools prior to the start of the school day or delay their opening due to heavy snow or other hazardous weather conditions, announcements will be made on the following radio stations:

WAXB 105.5 FM WHUD 100.7 FM
WLAD 800 AM WFAS 103.9 FM
WDAQ 98.3 FM WFAS 1230 AM
WPUT 1510 AM

When dangerous driving conditions occur while school is in session, an early dismissal procedure is followed. It would be best if parents did not come to school to pick up their children. Our bus drivers are professionals and trained to drive under all kinds of road conditions. The children are much safer in a school bus. Additional cars on the road only cause problems for our buses due to the narrowness of most roads in our district.

Early Dismissal Closing Times:

BHS 10:15am
WMS 10:10am
CVS 11:15am
JFK 11:25am