Mandate Relief

  • WPSBA Voter Voice Advocacy Link for Community Letters
  • Cuomo 2015 Education Proposals Need Reform (Click to email Advocacy Letter)
  • Resolution Regarding School Funding
  • Resolution in Opposition of Governor’s Program Bill #2, Parental Choice in Education Act/Education Scholarship and Program Tax Credit
  • Resolution in Support of Review and Redesign of New York’s APPR System
  • Resolution to Restore Our School Aid
  • Resolution to Reform Governor Cuomo’s 2015 Opportunity Agenda for Education
  • Resolution for Mandate Relief
  • Mandate Relief Placemat
  • Questioning the Core: Show Me the Data (a presentation by Dr. Christopher H. Tienken)
  • Contact Our Local Elected Officials About Unfunded Mandates

Budget text information transposed over a Road Map of Brewster school linksClick Here to View Information About the 2019-20 Budget