Additional Support Services

  • The following additional Support Services are available at the middle school.  Detailed information about these programs can be found in the Curriculum Guide (pages 27- 29).

    Guidance Program

    The mission of school counselors at Henry H. Wells Middle School is to provide a comprehensive, and age appropriate school counseling program that is aligned with the New York State Learning Standards.  The Guidance Department focuses on the interests and needs related to the stages of student growth through academic, career, and social development. In partnership with students, staff, family and community members, we will assist students in their efforts to become effective learners, achieve success in school, live successful and rewarding lives, and develop into contributing members of our society.

    School Nurse

    Duties are to be performed by the school nurse in the school buildings of Brewster under the general policies outlined by the Board of Education and administered by the superintendent and building administrators.  Allowance is provided for exercise of independent judgment in the emergency and technical phases of the work.

     School Psychologist

    The School Psychologist is an advocate for the students and will work with staff and parents for the benefit of the students.

    School Social Worker

    The School Social Worker is an advocate for the students and will work with staff and parents for the benefit of the students. Currently we have one social worker on our staff.

    Speech/Language Pathologist

    The Speech/Language Pathologist focuses on receptive language, or the ability to understand words spoken, and expressive language – the ability to use words to express oneself.  Dealing with the mechanics to produce words, such as articulation, phonemic awareness, and fluency, the speech-language pathologist is professionally trained to prevent, screen, identify, assess, diagnose, refer, provide intervention for, and counsel persons with or who are at risk for articulation, fluency, voice, language, communication, swallowing, and related disabilities.