• School Counselor

    Helga Cluzet

    (845) 279-4018, ext 3136


    School Counselors address the developmental needs of all students through an school counseling program addressing the academic, career and social/emotional development of all students. School Counselors deliver developmentally appropriate activities and services directly or indirectly for students as a result of a collaboration with members of the school community.



    School Social Worker

    Sara Levin
    (845) 279-4018, ext 3126


    School Psychologist

    Diane LaMorte
    (845) 279-4018, ext 3116

    School Psychologists are members of school teams who apply expertise in mental health, learning and behavior to help children succeed academically, behaviorally and emotionally.  School Psychologists provide direct and indirect support services to students, families and school staff as well as collaborate with community providers to coordinate needed services.

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