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Sports have a way of bringing people together. 

Sports have a way of bringing people together. 


John Matthew Dizon joined the Brewster football community last spring–he planned to try out for high school football this fall. He worked hard and learned fast. He applied himself to off-season workouts and did everything he could to master the game. 


But the unthinkable happened. Midway through the summer, John’s mother unexpectedly passed away, leaving John and his two brothers without their parents. Their father passed away years ago. In an instant, their lives were forever changed. 


John and his two brothers are currently living with an aunt and uncle in Pennsylvania. 


“He is a gem and would have been a great addition to Brewster High School, “ said Ronald Reid, a coach of the Junior Varsity football team.


Although he was only part of the program for a few months, the team came together to support John and his brothers. 


“As a team, we were able to support John and his family by being at their side during the memorial service. I am so proud of the team–they realized the gravity of the somber occasion and realized how much their support meant to the family.”


In addition, a Go Fund Me campaign was started by the Junior Varsity Coaches–Ronald Reid, Glenn Niles and Nicholas Leahy–within the football family and the greater Brewster community. In total, $3,783.21 was raised for John and his brothers. 


“It was something we could do to help John and his brothers, '' said Reid, “we know it’s just a drop in the bucket for raising three young boys, but it’s something and we are thankful to those who contributed.”