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Brewster Varsity Tennis Team Raises Money to Get CV Starr Student an All-Sport Wheelchair 

Lady Bears and Jeffrey Marotz

The Brewster High School’s girls varsity tennis team recently served up something even better than a win when they raised $2,288 at their annual Hit and Help fundraiser. The team kicks off each school year with this fun carnival-like event where community members come out and learn how to play tennis from the team. The money raised goes directly to a cause chosen by the team. This year, they were determined to get CV Starr fifth-grader Jeffrey Marotz an all-sport wheelchair. Thanks to an incredibly successful event, they’ll be able to do just that. 

Marotz, a beloved member of the Brewster schools community, was born with spina bifida. Last spring, he tried tennis for the first time through Brewster schools’ tennis club. He continued playing with coach Daria Pascale at Tonetta Park over the summer, but it’s not easy to play tennis in a street wheelchair.

“It’s very difficult,” Pascale said. “You have to anticipate where the ball is. You wheel to the ball and you’re moving as you hit it.” The new chair, she said, “is like providing him with sneakers.” 

The all-sport wheelchair is lighter weight and easier to turn. It will also allow Marotz to play basketball.

“The team is on board with helping one of our own,” Pascale said. Last year, the Lady Bears raised money for the Brewster Emergency Shelter Partnership. They’ve also helped the Humane Society and Maria Fareri Children's Hospital.

At the start of each season, players are each challenged to raise $50. From there, they hold their Hit and Help fundraiser, where the local tennis community as well as tennis newcomers come out to help with fundraising.

“It feels great to help someone else enjoy the awesome sport of tennis,” said senior captain Sam Kim.