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Henry H. Wells Middle School Recognizes Hard-Working Students

Henry H. Wells Middle School Recognizes Hard-Working Students

Seventy-two Henry H. Wells Middle School students were recognized this week for citizenship, perseverance and constant improvement. 

“While we often recognize students specifically for their academic achievements, today is a different type of recognition ceremony,” explained Principal John Clark in his opening remarks. “Each of you has been nominated because you have demonstrated the characteristics of perseverance, citizenship or you have demonstrated considerable effort and improvement while you have been a student at Wells.” 

Wells staff members nominated all of the honorees.

“The fact that a teacher or staff member has chosen you to be honored means that you have made a difference to them,” he said. “You have made a difference in their life by working hard, contributing to our Wells community and trying your best day after day. You have made this school a better place and we are grateful to all of you.”

When the ceremony concluded, students and their loved ones moved into the main hallway where they hugged and took photos with friends and family before enjoying a special breakfast provided by the PTA.