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Kindergarten Mosaic Posters Teach More Than Meets the Eye

aerial view of kindergartener's desk

Plates filled with colorful paper squares sat on each student’s desk as kindergarteners worked diligently, the sounds of classical music playing in the background. Little fingers glued the squares over each letter in their first name, creating beautiful name mosaic posters.

“We are reinforcing letter sounds through their names,” explained kindergarten teacher Sara Chiasson.

When unearthed from a student’s backpack at home, the deceptively simple project might look like another pretty piece of artwork, but, aside from letter sounds, the project also managed to integrate the kindergarteners’ social studies unit.

“In social studies, we’re working on our All About Me unit,” Chiasson said. “One of the focuses is what makes you special. Your name is one of those things.”

Each poster was different, revealing a tiny bit about the student’s personality. Lawrence worked hard to make each letter in his name a different shade. Ariana didn’t set any rules for herself. Elissa left space for her squares to breathe while Julia arranged hers in a tight line. Each finished piece was as unique as the student who created it.

As each poster was completed, Chiasson brought the finished product to the front of the room.

“Whose name is this?” she asked.

“Jackson!” the students chorused.

“What letter does it start with?” she asked.

“J!” they shouted back.

kindergarteners working on projects kindergartener sitting at desk with project in front of her Ms. Chiasson showing class a finished name poster