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Advocate for Federal Funds for Education

September 2020

In the Covid-19 Fiscal Update presentation at the Board of Education meeting on September 8, 2020, the Brewster Board of Education was informed of a 20% withholding of New York State Aid to public education.  While it is not yet known at this time whether or not these withholdings will become permanent reductions, this could result in a $4 million dollar revenue shortfall for the Brewster Central School District.  The State Aid reduction represents approximately three times the equivalent impact of a contingency budget!  And, as you may recall, the impact of a contingency budget has a devastating impact on instructional programs for many years into the future.

We need the help of the Brewster community, and all communities in New York State, to unite in having our voices heard. The Board encourages all residents to contact our elected officials to advocate for federal funds for New York State public education. Please consider clicking on both links below to send a message to support federal funding for New York State public education: