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Upstander Ceremony at Wells

Wells Middle School celebrated the contributions of about 70 “upstanders,” students who demonstrate perseverance, citizenship and improvement in their everyday activities.  

Principal Christian Hernandez addressed an auditorium full of students and their parents.

“We are proud of each and every one of you for persisting despite difficulty, being leaders in the community, and demonstrating growth,” she said. “We thank you parents for partnering with us for the middle school years, which can be the most challenging. We hope that you continue on this trajectory–now that you have gotten this award remember this feeling and continue to do great things.”

Sienna Verrone received an award for perseverance in math.

“I had strep throat and had a lot of math homework to make up and I did it and my math teacher, Mr. Mendez, recognized me,” said Sienna.

“We are just so proud of her. She has been sick all winter and was so worried about all the work and wanted to keep up her grades and she worked so hard,” said Sienna’s mother, Dawn Verrone.

Christopher (C.J.) Vazzano was awarded for his perseverance in science. His parents were there to cheer him on.

“We are learning all of the phases of the moon in science and I really like the work,” said Christopher.

His guidance counselor, Leslie Holliday, said, “C.J. is the type of student who keeps going whether it’s hard or easy. And he is always smiling. He is an upstander and embodies all the characteristics of this award.”

Alexandra Moravick received her award for citizenship in a STEAM class. Her teacher, Victoria Golden, recognized her for “working well with the others in her classroom.”

Her father, Tom Moravick said, “we are just so proud of Alexandra.”

Juliette, her little sister, a third grader at C.V. Starr got into the family photo. “Maybe someday I can get this award.”