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Students Experience What It’s Like to Be a Soldier at CV Starr’s Annual Revolutionary War Encampment

The encampment was bustling with activity. Smoke from wood-burning fires filled the air as vegetables were peeled and chopped and tents were erected. While there were hand-stitched haversacks and tri-corner hats and Revolutionary flags, Brewster had not actually time-traveled back to the Revolutionary War. In reality, enthusiastic fourth graders were participating in CV Starr’s annual Revolutionary War Encampment.

“This day has been designed to give students the opportunity to experience first-hand the difficulties and hardships our Revolutionary soldiers encountered in the War of Independence,” explained fourth-grade teacher Michelle Marzziotti.

Students were able to assume the persona of soldiers as they set up camp, made fires, cooked a meal of soldier soup and apple crisp, made haversacks, erected tents, participated in drills and marches, and chronicled their experience in a personal journal.

A chorus of “Woah, cool!” could frequently be heard as students beamed with pride at their accomplishments — feats that were all the sweeter because students had to work so hard to achieve them.

Inside, students took part in a Colonial Medicine Workshop where they could smell different herbs as well as grind them and stir them into medicinal potions. They were also able to dress in full Revolutionary garb for a keepsake photo.

All of the district’s Strategic Coherence Plan skills were used during this hands-on day of learning. Students used critical thinking and communication skills as they collaborated in groups and adapted to challenges like wind and damp sticks for kindling. They persevered when they were met with challenges and really felt the power of civic responsibility as they worked to make their camp run smoothly.