Special Education

New York State Education Department

Documents & Publications for Parents of Students with Disabilities

www.p12.nysed.gov/specialed/publications/policy/psgn109.htm   New York State Education Department:  Procedural Safeguards Notice - Due Process Rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) - (English & Spanish)
www.p12.nysed.gov/specialed/parentpubs.htm   New York State Education Department:  Publications for Parents
www.p12.nysed.gov/specialed/RTI/parent.htm   A Parent's Guide to Response Intervention
www.p12.nysed.gov/specialed/publications/policy/parentguide.htm   Special Education in New York State for Children 3-21 Years of Age:  A Guide for Parents May 2002
www.p12.nysed.gov/specialed/publications/policy/spanishparentguide.htm   Educación Especial en el Estado de Nueva York para niños de 3 a 21 Años: Guia para los padres May 2002
www.p12.nysed.gov/specialed/publications/preschool/brochure.htm   Information for Parents of Preschool Students with Disabilities Ages 3-5
www.p12.nysed.gov/specialed/publications/preschool/spanishbrochure.htm   Información para Padres de Alumnos Preescolares con Inapacidades Edades 3-5 Años