Summer Resources for Students

Let your Chromebook be a springboard to creativity and innovation.

Simple Skill Building

Stepping Up Challenges

  • Read a book and create a video on FlipGrid.
    • Flipgrid is a platform for video based message boards.  (How To)
  • Learn to Create with Coding:
    • Scratch – A coding platform where the user can program his/her own interactive stories, games and animations.  (How To)
    • – Themed and level coding programs and classes.  (How To)
    • – Themed and level coding programs and classes.  (How To)
  • Complete an online course at Khan Academy.
    • Khan Academy hosts free online courses, lessons and practice in a variety of subject areas.  (How To)
  • Complete an Applied Digital Skills lesson.
    • Integrated project based technology curriculum for practical problem solving with digital tools. (How To)
  • Challenge yourself with Digital Breakouts.
    • Themed task based activities. (How To)

Break Out Challenges


  • Create something in 3D on Tinker Cad (Send us the file and we will print it for you on the 3D printer.)
    • Tinkercard is a simple, online 3D design and 3D printing App for everyone.  (How To)
  • Build a video portfolio on a YouTube Channel
    • All students may create a YouTube Channel in the BCSD environment.  (How To)
  • Write your own story and publish it on the web.  (How To)
  • Build your own website about something that interests you.  (How To)
  • Have a skill or hobby?  Create a How-To video to tell others about it.  (How To)
  • Create a video highlighting an interest.  (How To)
  • Create an online gallery of your artwork or photographs.  (How To)
  • Create an App with MIT App Inventor
    • MIT App Inventor provides a tremendous platform to build an App.  (How To)

Share what you have created by posting to Twitter and use the hashtag #BCSDInnovates.

*If you are under 13 years old and cannot create a Twitter account, submit information about your creation here, and we will post it for you.