Clubs and Organizations

  • WMS CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS: Organized by the day(s) they meet

    Please listen carefully to the daily announcements at school for cancellations or other changes to the the clubs’ schedules below.

    THE WRITING CLUB: – Mr. Martin & Mr. Schnitzler: 

    The  Writing Club is for those students who enjoy writing poetry, creating short stories, and drawing. the club is available to all students. It is a fun club that will help students improve their writing and art skills. Each year The Writing Club produces a magazine called The Quill, which features the writing and art of students. There is nothing more exciting than seeing your work published in a magazine that is distributed to faculty and students. The Cub Reporter is a school newspaper full of student writing, word puzzles, and comics. Students work on computers and have the opportunity to improve language skills while having fun and creating a paper with appeal for all age groups within the student body.


    Theatrical and Musical Theatre experience is offered for 6th, 7th and 8th grades through the production of a licensed show specifically designed for middle grades. Students gain experience in many aspects of theatre production, both on and off stage. These include auditioning, acting, singing, dancing, staging, building and painting, sound and lighting. Rehearsals take place after school with the entire experience culminating in public performances in mid November. Participating students and their families understand that this activity is a commitment of time and energy requiring cooperation, creative energy, and discipline where all students are accepted and appreciated during the learning and performing process.

    INTRAMURALS – Physical Education Staff:

    6th grade – Thursdays; 7th & 8th grades – Mondays: The intramurals program is an extension of the physical education curriculum. This year, intramural will be held after school from 2:45-3:21 p.m.. A permission slip is not necessary. Students can take the activity bus home from school.

    JAZZ BAND: Mr. MacCrae: 

    Meets on Tuesdays in the band room.

    SEA DOGS: Commander Waedlich: 

    Sea Dogs is the precept for the NJROTC program at Brewster High School. High school students along with Commander and Chief, work with the middle school students to assist and encourage interest in this Naval Science Program

    SELECT CHORUS: Ms. Barrow: 


    STUDENT GOVERNMENT: Mrs. Zambraski and Ms. Guzman: 

    Student Government is an active organization that seeks to promote a positive environment at HH Wells Middle School. The President and Vice President of the Student Government are elected in school-wide balloting. Each grade elects a Chairperson to sit on the Executive Committee of the Student Government and each grade elects a Representative and Alternate Representative to the Student Government. Monthly meetings include parliamentary procedure, discussion of upcoming events and effective leadership development. Student Council is at the heart of all school activities, community service and fundraising. The major goal of the council is to involve the entire student body in the activities of school life and promote leadership skills.

    YEARBOOK COMMITTEE: Mrs. Spreter: 

    The Yearbook Committee meets one to two times per week depending on yearbook deadlines. Meetings are concentrated in the months of October, November, December and January. An organizational meeting is held in early June to prepare for the nest year’s yearbook. Students learn the required procedure to produce a yearbook. Layout, design and writing skills are techniques that are employed. Students are responsible for meeting deadlines and correctly completing assignments. Leadership, shared decision making and constructive criticism are qualities that students develop.

    NATIONAL JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY: 8th Grade – Mrs. Pryce: 

    Eligibility is limited to those eighth grade students who maintain a 93% or better cumulative average for both 6th and 7th grades. These students are sent an application towards the end of 7th grade, which must be completed and returned by the deadline stated. Applicants must also receive three teacher recommendations from current or previous middle school teachers. A committee of teachers, known as the faculty committee, will review each application separately based on a scoring rubric. A majority vote will allow a candidate to be accepted as a member of this organization. The criteria for acceptance are based on scholarship, character, leadership, citizenship and service. Please see the NJHS website for more specifics.


    Additional clubs may be considered based on student interest and staff availability, and will be announced at a later time.