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BMX Bike Show at JFK

BMX bikers performed physics-defying bike stunts in front of cheering JFK students this week at a show they will never forget.


Two bikers, Aaron Simone and Cody Burger, from BMX Dialed Action, buzzed around two quarter pipe ramps which were set up about 20 feet apart–they took passes and performed split jumps, tail whips, supermans, and back flips.


While they performed, Kyle Lewis, MC’d the event– explaining moves, introducing jumps, and best of all selecting teacher volunteers.


Physical Education teacher Eric Buzzetto, was selected as a volunteer to sit atop one of the quarter pipes as Burger pedaled up the far ramp, zoomed up and back flipped over Buzzetto.


Students went crazy, cheering at top volume.


In case parents are wondering, there was a lesson on bike safety. Lewis explained that bikers wear shin guards, knee pads, and most importantly, for any biker, helmets to protect themselves from a fall.


At the end of the show, students who won BMX trivia got an opportunity to get posters signed by the bikers. One student, Austin Duncan–a fellow BMX biker whose home track is the Bethel Super Track–had just won medals at BMX Nationals in Tennessee and brought a photo sheet for the bikers to sign.


“These guys were great. My favorite move was the bar spin,” said Duncan.


“We got moves,” said Burger, “but Austin’s got speed.”