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Mr. McCollum

  • Physical Literacy is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Check out this link on the value of PE.
    If you need to contact me please email me at 
    Parents, please leave a number where I can contact you. I always find having a phone conversation better than and email conversation. I want your child to find success in PE class.  I also want them to learn to be thoughtful, respectful, self motivated individuals. This means students follow class expectations listed below. Thank you for your help and understanding. 
    Students,I can only contact you through email. Thanks.
    I currently teach 1st & 2nd period at HH Wells and the rest of my day is at CV Starr and JFK.
    The following student expectations have been stated and explained multiple times in my PE classes. 
    Be prepared for class. This includes sneakers on feet and athletic loose fitting clothing. 
    Be actively involved in all class activities. Even though it may not be your favorite activity,  you still need to get involved. Do your BEST in all that you do....including PE class. 
    When the announcement is made to sit in squads and get quiet, please do so. Ignoring teacher direction is not acceptable behavior in any environment.  
    - Students should attend only their own scheduled PE classes. Classes are already overcrowded.  ( High School )
    Students are simply asked to comply with teacher expectations, rules and directions. 
    Students who fail to follow these expectations will lose points of the per class grade. 
    -Points are lost on a sliding scale. Multiple offences where students have to be spoken to over and over will result in more points taken off their grade. For example if you are not sitting in your squad at start of class you lose a point. If that happens again you lose 2pts.....
    -Students start each class with 5pts. Not following rules/expectation shaves points off the 5pt total. Over the course of a quarter these point losses add up for students who are unwilling to comply with expectations or simply do not get involved in the class.  This has a direct effect on a students grade.
    (ex. no sneakers -5, lack of participation/effort -1 to -5,  poor behavior -1 to -5, comply with directions/expectations -2 to -5 ) 
    - I provide direct positive reinforcement when called for. (great job today, thank you for the effort today, well done...thank you for not talking in warm ups, I like the way you got involved today...nice job) these are some positive ques I give to students who comply every day. 
    -Attending class is important as we offer a participation type class.


    Based on 5 Points earned each day

    Most quarters start at a possible 100 pts

    90% points  - active participation/personal and social responsibility

    10% points - skills/ cognitive assessment


    Physical Education Rubric

    These points are earned daily, based on the student’s participation.  

     **5pts = Meets or Exceeds expectations regarding effort & participation


    Prepared & prompt    

    Actively participates (self motivated)

    Aware & abides by class/school rules

    Safe behavior towards self & others

    Positive attitude towards teacher & activity

    Respectful of peers/equipment

    Caring, helps & motivates others

    Uses skill taught in class

    Student sought out as a leader by peers


    Prepared & prompt

    Participates actively with encouragement

    Aware & abides by class/school rules

    Safe behavior towards self & others

    Occasionally uses inappropriate language

    Mostly uses skill taught in class

    Prepared & prompt

    Participates with great difficulty

    Rarely uses skills taught in class

    Inconsistent in rules interpretation, safety and attitude

    Frequently makes inappropriate comments


    Lacks self-control

    Needs reminders & encouragement to be safe and to participate in an energetic manner

    Complains about activity- disruptive, disrespectful

    Frequent use of inappropriate language

    Frequently off task

    Rarely uses skill taught in class.

    Limited participation

    Refusal to learn or participate in daily activity

    = 0 pts earned for day

    no participation



    *Prepared= Must have sneakers, sweats, shorts, and t-shirts to participate

    *Absolutely no flip flops, crocs, boots, shoes. Sneakers are a must.

    ***Come to PE class prepared. Get involved. Be a respectful, responsible person. Try to get better at each activity. Use skill taught is class. That is all I ask. Although not always easy, I think that is a very fair request and something we should strive for.  Thank you!
    My goal as HS PE teacher is to put " tools " in your tool box. These tools come in the form of skills you can use to keep active throughout your lifetime.  I can not make someone an expert at tennis, frisbee, volleyball, fitness etc in 6-8 classes. What I can do is to make them proficient enough at a skill set to light a small spark of interest. Hopefully they find a few activities that they can use to become active for a lifetime. However this requires you to get involved and put some of your own effort into learning new skills. As the old saying goes " You can lead a horse to water...." 
    Students may  do 1 extra credit assignment each quarter.  Please see me if interested.
    Extra credit is worth up to 5 pts each quarter on your quarter grade. 
    *If interested please submit a 2 page essay in 12 font, double spaced on a sport topic of your choice. Tell me about the history of the sport, why you find it interesting and pick an athlete from the sport and tell me about him/her.  It must be in your own words.
     *You may also create a fitness poster explaining the components of fitness. The poster should be interesting to look at, colorful and contain detailed factual information. Think of it as art class meets PE.  
    * You must follow the directions above to receive all extra credit points


    PE Skills Authentic Assessment Rubric


    • An assessment given to students to assess their ability to apply knowledge in a real-world challenge. For example this assessment could be used while observing a student play volleyball to assess their ability to use skills taught in class at appropriate times during a game situation.


    Participation  4pts  -   Student is an active participant who is consistently involved in a game

                              Student is mostly involved in the action of the game

                              Rarely involved in the action of the game

                              Not involved or often chooses inappropriate behavior / disruptive


    Class Skills  3pts  -   Student consistently uses sport specific skill taught in class

                            Often uses sport specific skill taught in class

                            Used of skills is inconsistent

                            Use of skills is nonexistent  


    Understanding the Game  3pts -   Demonstrates a clear understanding of the game

                                                         Shows some understanding of the game

                                                         Shows little understanding of the game




    Daily Class Procedures

    1. Dress Out / instant activity 2. Sit in squad/Roll call 3. Warm up activity 4. Skill practice 5. Game play