1. Academic - to improve and enhance the amount of quality time spent engaged in learning; digital or in-person.
      1. By June 2021, students will be able to state why being organized is important and incite interest and excitement about improving in this area.
    2. College / Career - to help students realize how interests and abilities relate to future careers
      1. CVS:  By June 2021, students will begin to consider occupations based on interest and ability. Students grades K-2 will be able to name 2 careers.  Students grades 3-5 will be able to identify 2 careers based on interest and ability.
    3. Social/Emotional - to help students improve connections to school and the school community.  All students will be able to identify at least one adult at school they feel know them and they would go to for assistance.
      1. CVS: By June 2021, K-5 students will learn the vocabulary and utilize the Mood Meter of RULER’s self regulation program to gauge connection to school.
    4. Attendance - Improve overall engagement with school; digital and/or in-person.
      1. CVS: By June 2021, develop a procedure for counselors to work with students/families to improve attendance.






  • Social and emotional learning (SEL) is a key ingredient of high-quality education care, is important for both educators and children, and has been associated with children’s concurrent and later academic and social success.

    Over a decade ago, Yale University’s Center for Emotional Development developed and began testing RULER, an SEL program geared toward children and educators (i.e., school leaders, teachers, and staff). RULER stands for five key social and emotional skills: Recognizing emotions in self and others, Understanding the causes of emotions in self and others, Labeling and talking about emotions, Expressing emotions across situations, and Regulating emotions effectively. For children and the key adults in their lives, RULER combines a whole-school professional development approach with a skill-building curriculum targeting educator and student social and emotional skills, school and classroom climate, and educator and student well-being. 

  • The RULER Tools

    RULER skill development relies on four core tools, which are introduced to all stakeholders in the school community—school leaders, teachers, staff, students, and families.

    Charter: Builds and sustains positive emotional climates by creating agreed-upon norms for how people want to feel and how they can help each other to experience those feelings.

    Mood Meter: Enhances self- and social awareness and supports the development of a nuanced emotion vocabulary and a range of strategies for regulating emotion.

    Meta-Moment: Provides a process for responding to emotional situations with strategies that align with one’s best-self and that support healthy relationships and personal well-being.

    Blueprint: Supports the development of empathy and conflict resolution skills by serving as a guide for reflecting on conflict and restoring affected communities.